Expenditure Types still not by Operating Unit in R12.1.1

I was surprised to find out when installing R12.1.1 that Expenditure Types are still not Operating Unit (OU) dependent. Oracle have made a [...]

Profile option ‘FND: View Object Max Fetch Size’

To many people, the system profile option FND: View Object Max Fetch Size may sound ambiguous, but the value of this profile can be very [...]

Wanted: Allowed Cost Schedules in Oracle Projects

For those (few) of you familiar with Oracle Grants, you will no doubt be aware of  ‘Allowed Cost Schedules’. For the rest of [...]

R12 Changes To Supplier Cost and Receipt Accrual Adjustments

R12 has introduced a number of changes to the way that Supplier Costs Adjustments and Receipt Accrual Adjustments are handled in Oracle [...]

iSetup and Oracle Projects

If you have never heard of iSetup or like me have not used it for many years you may wonder why you [...]