Simplifying your decision making

Prōject believes that we have an essential job to do for our customers, which comes before selling services, systems or software. It’s about making your systems more integrated and your decisions better informed.

IT solutions have a reputation for being unwieldy – difficult to relate to in the context of your own business and scary to implement.

We’ve changed all that. Every step of our process is designed to make solutions relevant, familiar and rapid to deploy.

Our consultants are career specialists who understand your sector and your issues. We’ll interrogate and challenge your brief, (we might even write it for you if you simply come to us with a business challenge), we’ll arrange test drives, we’ll test solutions for you, we’ll negotiate the best deals, we’ll train your teams on-site or in our own facility, we’ll help you plan for the future. In the end, your critical decisions are made simpler.

Making life difficult for software engineers…

One of our customers recently described us as ‘those guys who like to break stuff’…

…well that’s true, but it’s all in a good cause.

We’re passionate about making information technology work better; about innovations that make our jobs easier; about joining up disparate systems and reporting channels, all to give you an enlightened perspective on your business.

So when one of our partners like Oracle, releases a new or updated application, the first thing we do is thoroughly test it. Only when we know it actually works in practice, how it fits with existing solutions, do we feel qualified to introduce it to our customers.

…makes life easy for customers

That’s how we retain our valuable, long-term relationships. We know about the frustrations when expensive IT systems don’t solve your business challenges, when the solution doesn’t do what you want it to, when things just go wrong because nobody saw it coming.

We have developed our specialist teams to cover an ever-broadening range of business intelligence requirements – we have come a long way since our beginnings – as dedicated Oracle Projects specialists.

We get involved

Our customers commit large budgets to invest in the continuous development of their business systems.

That’s why we’re embedded in the industry, working with leading global brands as they develop and roll out new software, looking at what’s next for integrated business systems, finding out about the impact for customers, helping software houses research, test and implement their ERP and BI systems.

And that’s our starting point with any new customer challenge, once we’ve interrogated the requirement – we leverage not only our industry knowledge and specialist team expertise, but also the focused analysis we bring to every new software solution or update.

So why do we put so much in to the financial systems space?

Simple – we all really enjoy what we do for a living.