Project segment in GL… mood swing

I wrote an article a while ago on the subject of whether a project segment should be in the GL or not. [...]

YTD Measures “backported” from R12 to R11.5.10.2

Oracle released a patch (7388541) recently that “backported” YTD measures (in performance reporting) back from R12 to R11.5.10.2. In fact the patch [...]

R12.1.1 – Projects Reporting Pack

The Oracle Projects suite of applications has always suffered from a reporting problem, or at least many user organisations have, for a [...]

R12.1.2 – The word on the street….Navigation improvements in web forms

I have not met an Oracle user yet that didn’t think the navigation screen presented in web forms when one first goes [...]

R12.1.2 – The word on the street… MSP / Oracle Projects Integration

Not much information exists about R12.1.2 for Oracle Projects at the moment. Most people are still digesting or implementing R12.1.1. Apparently there [...]