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New to the Industry

I first became interested in the IT project management industry when looking for a different career path.  Having worked in [...]

2 Feb 2016 by Sarah Butchart

Top 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers!

We have been awarded one of the top 100 most promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015 by CIO Review.  This reflects [...]

12 Jan 2016 by Sarah Butchart

Why Health and Safety is an IT Issue

With the recent global events, health & safety of employees and customers is evermore increasing in importance for organisations. Often [...]

12 Jan 2016 by Sarah Butchart


As one of the UK's leading Oracle consultancy firms, Prōject was once again involved in APPS15. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing clients (old and [...]

11 Jan 2016 by Sarah Butchart

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