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How technology helps construction organisations deliver results

As one of the leading Oracle Primavera team's we work with construction and procurement organisations to ensure their technology supports [...]

29 Jul 2020 by Anna Hutton-North

How effective teams share BI insights

To ensure that your organisation is effectively utilising its data, it’s important that the teams follow the four key steps: [...]

22 Jul 2020 by Anna Hutton-North

Reports versus Dashboards – when to use…

Effective reporting is a common part of business; and for those involved in major projects, managing a large portfolio or [...]

1 Jul 2020 by Anna Hutton-North

Mass Timesheet Upload e-case study

Having a paper-based system is not just inefficient in terms of time and resourcing; it also allows errors to occur. [...]

1 Jul 2020 by Anna Hutton-North

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