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Changing the order of measures in a chart – OBIEE (10g)

A client recently requested that their existing charts and tables be re-ordered to fall into line with their new accounting practices. Whilst this is straightforward when it comes to tables, updating your existing charts is so simple.

The Forecast Period Variance measure was needed to be displayed after the Budget Period Variance measure.


As there is no obvious way of sorting measures in a chart without having to rebuild the entire report, I used the following solution successfully.

  • Make a backup of your report
  • Open the report in Answers and select the Advanced tab
  • Copy the Request XML into a text editor of your choice
  • Locate the chart(s) by searching for the text <saw:view xsi:type=”saw:staticchart”
  • Within this section, find the tag <saw:measures> and you will see something similar to this:
  <saw:column columnID="c15" position="0"/>
  <saw:column columnID="c16" position="0"/>
  • The measures that appear in your chart are listed as they are displayed on your chart
  • Cut and paste the required measures into the correct order:
  <saw:column columnID="c16" position="0"/>
  <saw:column columnID="c15" position="0"/>
  • Select all the XML and paste it back into the Request XML section from where it came
  • Click the Set XML button and test the report

You’ll need to repeat the process for any other charts you may have in the same request.

16 Nov, 2012 by

Business Intelligence

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