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Creating a Clear Prompts button

During a training session I demonstrated a technique used to present users with a Clear Prompts button. This article will provide the information to replicate the same feature in your dashboard development.

This example uses a dashboard prompt with some Oracle BI Applications sample data. The dashboard prompt has been setup to display the Fiscal Year with a default value of 2012 and Operating Unit Organization Name of Vision Operations.

Default Dashboard Prompt

If the default values of this prompt was changed the user would have to use the Page Options menu and select the Clear My Selections menu item.

Clear My Selections

It’s possible to capture this functionality into a button with the same look and feel as the Oracle BI Server buttons. Then present it alongside the dashboard prompt as shown in the image below.

Clear Prompt Example

This is a neat little trick that makes a dashboard much more user friendly.

To create the button enter the dashboard editor. Then add a Text object from the Dashboard Objects list.

Text Object

Most modern browsers contain features for web developers or can be extended with addons to perform this functionality. Using these developer tools the look and feel of a button and the javascript function for Clear My Selections has been extracted from the source code. These two techniques have been combined to generate the following HTML code.

<a on-click="return PersonalizationEditor.removeDefaultSelection(false)" href="javascript:void(null)">Clear Prompt</a>

The code should be copied into the properties of the text object. Make sure to tick the Contains HTML Markup checkbox!

Text Properties

One more unecessary click removed from our dashboards – users will be happy! :)

8 May, 2012 by

Business Intelligence

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