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Top 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers!

We have been awarded one of the top 100 most promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015 by CIO Review.  This reflects the leading edge work Prōject have been developing for clients on model office environments.

The environments are tailored to individual organisations, which mean rapid installation and developing of prototype solutions that can be demonstrated back to the business and key stakeholders.

The advantages of having a model office environment are multiple. It demonstrates new software and features uninhibited by customisations; it also allows real sample business data to be loaded making it feel far more relevant and any configuration will be aligned to the data. 

One of the over-riding benefits of creating a model office environment though is that it significantly reduces development timescales; thus minimising cost and impact. After all the developed packaged software components can be implemented back into the production systems, in effect it allows you to try before you buy.

Find the full interview available here on page 88:


12 Jan, 2016 by

Business Intelligence

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