Agile implementation of RAIVS


Network Rail required the design and development of the resource management system needed to be delivered quickly and entailed significant coordination with the planners and users to ensure adoption across the Regions.  The resource management tool had to be able to assign people and equipment while avoiding clashes and conflicts; as well as being intelligent around recognising peak points (ie holiday times) when work loads would significantly increase.


The Project team applied the Agile approach so that new code could be dropped in throughout the project, rather than waiting for the final deployment.  It also allowed for ongoing user acceptance testing and system enhancement. 

By adopting an agile approach, the Project team were able to deliver the RAIVS project in less than a year and engage with up to 12 planners in each workshop so that development was quick, targeted and effective. 

The result was a fit-for-purpose resource management system that gave Network Rail full visibility of the planned projects and outages across the track network for the forthcoming 12 months.