Azure Par


Network Rail uses Oracle Financials and Oracle Primavera to manage their financial data, for project planning and measuring project performance. Legacy reporting tools such as Business Objects and Oracle BI were being used against a reporting system known as Project Automated Reporting (PAR).

They required a solution which:

  • Improved data turnaround by reporting directly against the source
  • Had a more intuitive user interface
  • Was easy to use
  • Enabled wider data access and utilisation
  • Greater usage through higher adoption.


Prōject used an Agile approach breaking the delivery down into Sprints of 2-3 weeks, facilitating early visibility and rapid deployment of releases as they came available.

We designed and configured a new Data Factory solution using Data Lake, a Synapse data warehouse, Databricks Spark notebooks, an Azure Analytics semantic layer and Power BI for the visualisations. At the same time, the business rules logic had to be migrated from the incumbent ETL and tuned to improve data quality and performance.