Business Information Tool


Network Rail, as part of its governance, is required to produce business plans for projects to be considered.  These projects can extend over several years which means they develop over their life-time.

In order for project managers and business managers to have visibility of business plans throughout their life, Network Rail required a Business Information Tool (BIT) to be created.

The BIT needed a solution that would facilitate the creation and maintenance of project Business Plans and Change Numbers.

The Business Plans related to proposed projects which the business consider.  The Change Numbers detail material changes to the existing Projects.  This also includes the rationale behind the project, the benefits of the project and the team and resources required by the project.  It also includes all associated documentation.


The team at Prōject developed a solution that would allow the project managers to easily upload, access and update project Business Plans. 

The browser-based frontend was combined with the Oracle database, using Application Express (Apex) for integration.

The system was also designed to include connections to other remote systems for access to Network Rail Project details.

By designing and developing a web based application it provided Network Rail ease of access and maintenance.  It also allowed both individual access and centralised management of Business Plans and Change Numbers.  The BIT provides visibility of the projects across the organisation of Business Plans and Change Numbers.