Earned Value Data Sheet.


How effective Board reporting generates a profit

Earned Value is the most comprehensive trend analysis technique for monitoring the success of projects, programmes and portfolios of work.

Organisations use earned value to monitor the project plan, actual work and work completed value to check if a project is on track.

The Earned Value technique shows how much of the budget and time should have been spent and considers the amount of work done to date.

Organisations are increasingly adopting Earned Value because it provides the opportunity for project sponsors to forecast whether there are any cost or schedule overruns at an early stage in a project.  This is possible because current performance provides the best indicator for any future performance.


How Prōject can help:

Prōject works with a number of clients to generate Earned Value reports from their data in order to see whether they are ahead of, on track or behind schedule in terms of timing and budget. 

Our specialist teams focus on providing automated data aggregation to generate Earned Value calculations on major projects from applications such as Oracle Projects and Primavera P6.

The financial plans identify the Planned Value and supply the cost of work done, forecast of project task by future periods and proposal estimates.

This vital mapping function links the Oracle Project task between the contractors, internal costs and contingency. 

The benefits of this Earned Value approach is maintenance of a master contractors lists based on performance and delivery, generating a report if a negative accrual was reported and giving clear line of sight around Earned Value both on individual projects and the portfolio as a whole.