Public Sector – Mass Timesheet Upload


The Mass Timecard Upload project was created as part of the P3M project.  The organization has a large proportion of the workforce who were traditionally submitting paper-based timesheets.  Having a paper-based system was not just inefficient in terms of time and resourcing; it also allowed errors to occur.


The team created  a mass timecard upload system to allow thousands of remote users who did not have access to the P3M system to submit an electronic timesheet.  The system was designed to upload into the P3M system timecard data.

The team developed an Oracle Apex application that enabled the uploading of timesheets into P6.  This application utilizes the P6 webservice API to validate and create the timesheets in P6.

The system was designed to either allow numerous timecards to be received or to have them consolidated into a single predefined formatted CSV file.

The client required uploads to be performed on a monthly basis however the team designed the system so that it also supported ad-hoc uploads.  This meant that missing timecard entries could be loaded before the next monthly cycle.