Network Rail – Resource Demand


Network Rail is involved in some of the UK’s largest construction and infrastructure projects.  As a result of this they need to be carrying out effective resource planning.

The complexity and inter-dependencies of the work means that in order for the projects to be planned successfully there needs to be clear visibility of conflicts and issues.  There had already been some work undertaken to look at effective resource demand planning, however a single system which could be used by all of the Regions was required.


The Prōject Team developed a system that allows information to come from Primavera P6; using APEX and Oracle BI it identifies any conflicts across the projects.

Work has begun to go one step further to incorporate geospatial information, working with a third party, so that the reporting can include location maps.

This work was developed in Prōject’s Model Office so that enhancements could be developed while the system continued to be live.   It also allowed the system to be demonstrated to all Regions and then provided a structured migration plan.