Oracle Grants health check at the University of Cambridge

Oracle Grants health check at the University of Cambridge


Prōject has unique expertise of Oracle ERP solutions within higher education and research institutions. This reputation led the University of Cambridge to engage Prōject to conduct a health check of their Oracle Grants implementation. The key deliverable of the health check was to report on recommendations that could improve the usage of their Oracle Grants system, both in terms of efficiency, data accuracy and cost-savings.


One of the recommendations made by the health check was to collapse several disparate Grants systems into the Oracle E-Business Suite; bringing pre-award and post-award business processes together into a single enterprise application. The solution would be achieved by using Oracle Applications Framework technology, creating an innovative and intuitive front end for system users responsible for setting up research grants. This innovation was made possible by a combination of Prōject’s in depth knowledge of the Oracle E-Business Suite as well as research grant management within the higher education sector.

The main drivers for the creation of a custom Grant setup tool were:

  • To simplify the grant setup process
  • To improve the flow of grant data entry
  • To reduce the skill level required to set up a grant, and hence reduce staff and training costs
  • To reduce setup errors and improve the data integrity between pre- and post-award systems
  • To reduce the duplication of data entry between fields

Prōject designed and submitted a solution to meet all of the above requirements which The University of Cambridge built in-house.