Public Sector – Agile Implementation


Our client was setting up a new team responsible for the management of the project portfolio.  This meant that the organisation had to create new processes, recruit the team and manage a new project application.

They needed to have a system which would start to realise cost benefits as early as possible, and they needed to be able to have visibility of their portfolio to allow reporting.


To ensure that the system could adapt and build in changes as they were identified, we took an agile approach.  This meant that we could start with bringing all scheduling data into one platform so that all the teams could manage their data in the same way, and that consistent reporting could be run.

The benefit of the agile implementation was being able to start realising cost benefits as early as three months, rather than waiting for two years.  It also gave visibility of the portfolio to the organization so that they could effectively track and monitor project status. 

In addition the agile approach meant that changes could be incorporated into sprint phases as they were identified.