R12 New Mass Adjust Concurrent Process

We would like to welcome Roland Colling as a guest author on our Blog. Roland is an independent Oracle Projects Suite Functional [...]

R12.1.2 – The word on the street….Navigation improvements in web forms

I have not met an Oracle user yet that didn’t think the navigation screen presented in web forms when one first goes [...]

R12.1.2 – The word on the street… MSP / Oracle Projects Integration

Not much information exists about R12.1.2 for Oracle Projects at the moment. Most people are still digesting or implementing R12.1.1. Apparently there [...]

R12.1.1 Enhanced Budgeting and Forecasting in Project Management

Oracle have inadvertently, one would hope, mislead users into believing that there has been an enhancement to budgeting and forecasting functionality in [...]

Project Analytics – Help At Last

Why do I need Project Analytics? How many of you have been through an Oracle Projects implementation either as a client or [...]