Java Concurrent Programs made easy

It is a little known fact that Concurrent Manager Executables can be written in Java, as well as all the traditional languages [...]

The wrong and right way to avoid invokeMethod in OAF Controllers

If you look at the tutorials supplied by Oracle with OA Framework, you’ll see in their Controllers that they use invokeMethod to [...]

New Agreements functionality in R12.1.1

In R12.1.1 some long awaited improvements have been made to the Agreements functionality. Here is a summary of these and some context [...]

An introduction to OA Framework

In case you’ve never heard of OA Framework, here’s a brief marketing-style synopsis: Oracle Application Framework is the development and deployment platform [...]

PRC: Update Project Performance Data – Beware!

Oracle have just released a bulletin on My Oracle Support regarding the update process of Project Performance Data (used by Oracle Daily [...]