Comparison of PSI, Performance Reporting and Project List

Oracle recently released a rather useful bulletin on My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) that compares the various reporting mechanisms available in Oracle Projects. [...]

XML Publisher in E-Business Suite

Oracle XML Publisher is Oracle’s tool for the production and delivery of all types of Business Reporting requirements within Oracle E-Business Suite. [...]

PA_ADDITION_FLAG not shown in Payables invoice distributions form

As a Projects user, an annoyance that I continue to encounter with Payables is that the pa_addition_flag is not shown as a [...]

New Supplier tab in Projects R12.1.1

One of the new features in Projects R12.1.1 is the “Supplier” tab, as can be seen in the screenshots below. The supplier [...]

Oracle Projects – Professional Services only?

Oracle Projects has been with us now for many years and has grown in a variety of directions to become a major [...]