An Introduction to eTax – Part 1

Why is eTax important? Before Oracle released R12, tax handling in Oracle was a fairly simple affair. Define a few rates, set [...]

Read-only Pages in OA Framework

The problem Recently I was working with one of Prōject’s Functional Consultants who was suffering from “Personalisation Overload”. She had created a [...]

Querying the OA Framework Personalization Repository

Have you ever struggled with the OA Framework Meta Data Store query utility package JDR_UTILS? In this blog article Barry Goodsell describes [...]

R12 Data Access in General Ledger

Data Access across multiple legal entities and ledgers Previously within release 11i of Oracle General Ledger, a user would have to switch [...]

R12 Accounting Period Control within GL

R12 has introduced multiple enhancements for controlling accounting periods. Opening and closing accounting periods allow ledger control over journal entry posting. This [...]