Desktop Integration Framework for Web ADI in R12.1.2

R12.1.2 contains powerful new functionality called the ‘Desktop Integration Framework’, or ‘DIF’ for short. The DIF allows E-Business Suite users to create [...]

Primavera and Oracle Projects Integration

Prōject (formerly Projected Consulting) is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the integration of Oracle Primavera with Oracle Projects using the [...]

Oracle Application Integration Architecture 2.5 Installation Summary

Over the past few weeks, Prōject has been installing and testing Oracle’s Application Integration Architecture and the Project Portfolio Management Integration Pack for [...]

R12.1.2 – User Interface Enhancements

Further to my previous article (E-Business Suite R12.1.2 now available) I would like to show you some of the improvements that have [...]

Release 12.1.1 – Multiple Projects for Contingent Worker

Introduction This article covers one of the new features in Release 12.1.1: Contingent Worker timesheets with Multiple Purchase Orders. A Contingent Worker [...]