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R12: Payables, Payments and Bank Fundamentals

Event description

As one of the core financial applications within the E-Business Suite, the Oracle Accounts Payables (AP) module helps to improve financial margins, introduces corporate and fiscal discipline and optimises supplier relationships.

By configuring the Payables module correctly, an organisation can experience an opportunity to optimise its business processes. It helps drive better decision-making, sustainable financial discipline, and regulatory compliance.

Your questions answered

  • How can we improve our cash flow?
  • How can we effectively manage supplier payments?
  • What options do we have to improve our P2P cycle?
  • How can we drive sustainable financial discipline?

Improvements that benefit your business

Payables within R12 has seen some significant changes – most notably with the introduction of invoice lines, new supplier and bank account set up and a new payments engine.

Oracle Payments is a complete payment and receipt processing solution that enables efficient, reliable and secure financial transactions. It is the central payment engine for Oracle E-Business Suite that helps lower costs and improve control by integrating with major processors and financial institutions.

Seminar topics

If you or your organisation want to learn more about the rich functionality that the Payables module can offer, this seminar will optimise the value of your investment and update you on Payables essentials.

During the R12 Payables, Payments and Bank Fundamentals seminar, you will see a demonstration of how to configure and use the application. Key set up and use of payments, suppliers and bank accounts will also be explained.

The seminar will cover topics such as:

  • Manage suppliers
  • Process invoices and payments
  • Generate key payables reports
  • Approve invoices for payment
  • Match invoices to purchase orders or receipts
  • Process, stop, and void payments
  • Set up bank accounts

Event length: 1 day

Event cost: £465

Date and time:

Dates throughout the year make enquries.

Starts: 9:30 Ends 17:00


Seminar, E-Business Suite


  • Understanding Accounts Payables essentials
  • Understanding supplier maintenance
  • Understanding payment processing and setup
  • Understanding bank account configuration
  • How to process invoices and payments
  • Processing pay runs, stop, and void payments
  • Closing Payables periods
  • Payables Accounting
  • Reporting and inquiries
  • Demonstrations
  • 'Hands-on' experience
  • Q&A
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