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R12: Sub Ledger Accounting Fundamentals

Event description

Oracle’s SubLedger Accounting (SLA) is a robust, centralised accounting engine and repository that enables true global accounting.

SLA is rule based accounting hub in Release 12 (R12) of the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications. SLA is used to derive all attributes required to account a transaction in Oracle General Ledger.

SLA can be configured in many ways to help derive accounting attributes such as the entered amount, accounted amount, date, currency code as well as the more complex attributes like ledger, code combination ID (CCID). SLA accounting attributes are interfaced to GL from SLA, thus in R12 no sub ledger application module (i.e. AP, PO, PA etc) interfaces the transactions directly to GL.

Your questions answered

  • What impact does SLA have and what options are available?
  • How does SLA differ from standard accounting within 11i?
  • What do the accounting entries look like?
  • What if we want to change accounting rules?
  • What will our journal entries look like?

Improvements that benefit your business

SLA is potentially a complex solution and with the choices available for application configuration, it is not uncommon, having worked with Oracle E-Business Suite for a while, for businesses to want to make changes to the accounting is structured and generated.

Seminar topics

This seminar highlights the fundamental SLA concepts and building blocks for successful deployment.

The seminar will cover topics such as:

  • Overview of SLA
  • SLA integration with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Navigation and Profile Options
  • Accounting Method Builder (AMB)
  • Account generation
  • Subledger Journal Entries and interfacing to GL

If you or your organisation want to learn more about the rich functionality that SLA can offer, this seminar will optimise the value of your investment and deliver an insight into key SLA essentials.

During the R12 Sub Ledger Accounting Fundamentals seminar, you will see a demonstration of how to configure and set up accounting rules. This will give you an insight into the possible variations, capabilities and flexibility you have at your disposal with SLA, which you can then deploy in your own organisations.

Event length: 1 day

Event cost: £465

Date and time:

Dates throughout the year make enquiries.

Starts: 9:30 Ends 17:00

Category: Seminar, E-business suite


  • Subledger Accounting key concepts and terminology
  • SLA integration with Oracle Applications
  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB)
  • Transaction Account Builder
  • Multiple representations of sub ledger transactions
  • Summarisation options
  • Reporting and Inquiries
  • SLA demonstration
  • 'Hands-on' experience
  • Q&A