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Invoice Workbook FRM-40735 Error in 12.1.3

After an upgrade to E-Business suite R12.1.3 on one of our test servers we encountered an issue with the Invoice Workbbok form (APXINWKB.fmb).

When trying to enter an invoice line it would error when saving or performing other tasks which involved validating the data. (e.g. Calculate Tax)

The error encountered was:


If the details button was pressed it would show:

FRM-40735: WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-20002

After quite a lot of troubleshooting, and upgrading to the latest version of the form etc. we traced this down to a library which hadn’t been compiled correctly.

To see if you have the same issue check your versions of $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.pll and $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.plx

These should be the same, at or above version:

$Header APXINLIN.pld 120.158.12010000.95 2010/05/14 11:19:33 asansari ship $

To check the versions use the commands:

adident Header $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.pll


adident Header $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.plx

If they are different then thats probably the issue.

I tried to recompile all AP form files via adadmin but this didn’t fix the issue (for some reason this library isn’t recompiled) so I ended up having to recompile manually.

Firstly backup the existing plx file:

mv $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.plx $AU_TOP/resource/APXINLIN.plx.bak

From within the $AU_TOP/resource directory:

frmcmp APXINLIN.pll apps/<apps password> module_type=LIBRARY compile_all=yes

NB: if you are on Unix then you need to have $DISPLAY pointing to a valid X-Windows server for the frmcmp command to work.

4 May, 2012 by

E-Business Suite

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