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More4Apps Wizards for Oracle Projects

Many people are aware of the More4Apps Wizards for Oracle Projects (OP). If you’re not, I recommend having a read about them at

More4Apps Project Wizard

Our consultants at Prōject have been using and recommending them to our clients for years. You may be familiar with the Project, Budget, Transaction and Event Wizards, but are there any other wizards for OP you’d like to see developed?

The purpose of this article is to discuss potential wizards and to give feedback to John, Bruce and Andrew from More4Apps. To get the ball rolling, Prōject would love to see wizards for implementation setup e.g. Expenditure Types, Categories, Burden Schedules. Agreements and Funding wizards would also be useful.

Please post a comment; we’d really appreciate your input.

23 Jun, 2009 by

E-Business Suite

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