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PRC: Update Project Performance Data – Beware!

Oracle have just released a bulletin on My Oracle Support regarding the update process of Project Performance Data (used by Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Projects and performance reporting in Oracle Projects). The document ID is 828584.1.

The bulletin lists business events (e.g. creating new financial plans), any online processing that is spawned by said events and the impact they have on the performance data update process (PRC: Update Project Performance Data). The document states that the update process should not be run whilst any online processing is active. This is emphasised in the last line of the bulletin:

By “Until this process completes, user should not run update project performance data process”, the implication of running this process may be that the process may take longer time to complete or the data may get corrupted, because the data is already selected for updating by online processing.

Realistically this means that ‘PRC: Update Project Performance Data’ should never be run during working hours, as online processing will regularly occur with user activity. This is an important thing to bear in mind, as there is nothing systematically stopping users from running the update whilst any online processing is active.

Anything that can be done to avoid data corruption of project performance data should be adhered to; I am sure that anyone who has had to rebuild project performance data will agree.

13 Jul, 2009 by

E-Business Suite

One thought on: “PRC: Update Project Performance Data – Beware!”

  1. ryandenner August 6, 2009 9:50 PM

    This is great information – thanks for sharing. I have always been suspicious about running UPPD during normal business hours. This confirms it!

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