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Primavera and Oracle Projects Integration

Prōject (formerly Projected Consulting) is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the integration of Oracle Primavera with Oracle Projects using the recently released Oracle® Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Release 2.5 Cross-Industry PIP.

The Project Management PIP includes:

  • Oracle Primavera to Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Primavera to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

providing seamless integration between the two and Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

This allows users to create projects in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Project Portfolio Management (OP) or P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6) and synchronise project structures, activities, resource details and assignments, budgets, actual costs, progress and cost to complete.

Prōject have successfully implemented the integrated Oracle Primavera – Oracle Projects PIP at its world class training centre. We are keen to share this success with customers and potential clients and would like to identify some of the key configuration requirements and benefits available for our customers.

High Level Business Process

High Level Business Process

Oracle Projects Configuration

Complete the required profile options and integration settings for your environment and global objects. Global objects include a planning resource list that will be used by both OP and P6 and planning resource rate schedules. Global Objects are owned by Oracle Projects, any changes made to these in P6 will be overwritten by OP.

You must synchronise the global objects before attempting to synchronise projects between Oracle Projects and Primavera P6.

This allows companies to share resources and resource rates across both applications, while only maintaining them in the one system, cutting out duplication of effort. Any changes made to the resource list and rate schedules in OP are synchronised and interfaced into Primavera. Thus if you’re planning rates change in the future, due perhaps to inflation, then you only need to update rates in OP,  with P6 automatically updated ensuring your planners are using the most up to date planning rates.

Key point planning resources with a resource format of Job are created as roles in Primavera and Financial Elements are created as an Expense Category.

Primavera Configuration

  • Defining the Configuration Settings
  • Authorising Users to Send Data to ERP systems
  • Running the Primavera P6 Setup Utility

Oracle Projects Planning Resource List

OP Planning Resource List

P6 Planning Resource List

P6 Planning Resource List

Project Templates

  • Created in OP and interfaced across to P6
  • Update Template for OP/P6 Integration options
  • Project Templates are created as Project Codes in P6
  • Quick Entry Setup of the template in OP must only contain:
    • Project Name
    • Project Number
    • Project Start Date
    • Project Finish Date

NB – If creating a project in P6, the user will need to assign the related project template code for project creation in OP.

Create Project Template in OP and interface to P6

Project Templates

Project Creation

Projects can be created and updated in OP or P6 and interfaced between the two applications. Synchronisation of project data between Oracle Projects and Primavera P6 includes the following components:

  • Project header
  • WBS
  • Resource assignments

For this article we will create a project in Oracle Projects, enable integration, and mark this project to be created in P6. The integration process creates this project in P6 and transfers the project data.

OP Workplan

Project Header


P6 Project

Schedule and Plan Project in P6

Next we will add a new WBS in P6, add activities to tasks and allocate resources to those activities in P6.

P6 Schedule

The additional WBS is added as a task in OP, the new activities created in P6 are interfaced into OP as lowest tasks along with the planned resource, resource quantities and resource amounts.

OP Schedule


The planned resource amounts added to the plan in P6 are also interfaced into OP as budget lines and a working copy of the budget created.

OP Financial Plan

Notice that the quantities are not being populated.

Cost Collection

Costs are collected in OP and interfaced to P6; this gives the Project Managers a more complete picture on how their projects are performing. Prior to interfacing the costs to P6, you must ensure that the project performance programmes are successfully run in OP.

Expenditure Inquiry

P6 Cost

P6 Cost (continued)


Oracle’s Project Management’s strength in financial project management complimented by the strength of Primavera as a scheduling and work planning tool delivers the world’s leading project portfolio management solution. Oracle’s Project and Portfolio Management solution helps businesses achieve and maintain strategic advantage.  Only Oracle supports the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management within a single, integrated, accurate view of all project-related activities.

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  1. Hadi November 16, 2010 4:27 PM

    Can we integrate R12.1.3 Oracle E-Business suite with P6 using out of the box integration AIA Release 2.5 / PIP. We already have license for whole OP , do we still license for AIA/PIP?

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