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Profile option ‘FND: View Object Max Fetch Size’

To many people, the system profile option FND: View Object Max Fetch Size may sound ambiguous, but the value of this profile can be very useful in altering the user experience in Oracle Projects.

So, what does this profile option do? The best way to explain it is to use an example.

When one accesses the Project List in Oracle Projects, a table of projects is returned restricted by projects security, your search criteria, and where applicable, any criteria contained within a personalised view. The records in the Project List table are a sub-set of the View Object utilised by the page*. By default, the maximum number of projects returned by the Project List is 200. So what happens if your search criteria should return more than 200 projects? Well, you will only see the first 200 projects returned by the query. I have seen this default setting cause problems for users in the following Projects pages:-

  • Project List (as detailed above)
  • Work/Financial Breakdown Structures (where projects have more than 200 tasks)
  • Planning Resource Lists (where the are more than 200 resources in a list)

So how do we increase the number of records that are retrieved? By setting the value for the profile option FND: View Object Max Fetch Size we can determine how many records are fetched by View Objects in all of the E-Business suite applications. The profile value is set at site level to 200 by default, so it may need to be changed to a more appropriate value depending on local requirements. Please note that this profile option applies globally to self service pages, so if changing the default value it is best to set it at application level e.g. Projects

Another consideration to be made when setting this profile value is performance. The higher the value, the longer pages will take to load. It is therefore best to set the profile value sufficiently high enough to suit user needs, and not to an arbitrarily high value.

Setting the 'FND: View Object Max Fetch Size' profile at application level

*For those of you who are interested, you might be wondering what a View Object is. View Objects are utilised by Self Service (web form) pages in E-Business Suite applications to return result sets from the database. Whilst View Objects contain no data themselves, they contain queries that retrieve records from database tables and views. View Objects in self service pages are analogous to database views that are used in E-Business Suite professional forms.

15 Nov, 2009 by

E-Business Suite

3 thoughts on: “Profile option ‘FND: View Object Max Fetch Size’”

  1. Ryan Denner November 15, 2009 10:32 PM

    task summary -> actual cost transaction (drill down) too

  2. Andy Coates November 15, 2009 10:45 PM

    Thanks Ryan, another good example relating to Projects. There are many places in the apps where 200 records is simply not enough for view objects.

  3. Darren Farr January 26, 2010 8:53 AM

    The Profile option is also utilised in the new Primavera to Projects integration and one gotcha to look out for is
    “There is a limitation when updating projects that contain more WBS tasks or resource assignments than the value set through profile ‘FND: View Object Max Fetch Size’. Default value of this profile is 200.So by default ,if the WBS contains more than 200 tasks or resource assignments is synced with Primavera, first 200 tasks or resource assignments will be synced”.

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