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R12.1.1 Enhanced Budgeting and Forecasting in Project Management

Oracle have inadvertently, one would hope, mislead users into believing that there has been an enhancement to budgeting and forecasting functionality in R12.1.1. In fact the functionality listed below as new or enhanced in R12.1.1 is no such thing. This functionality was originally introduced in Release RUP3 (Metalink note 361295.1) but lost in Release 12.0. Therefore all R12.1.1 is doing, in this case, is replacing what has been taken away.

Refer to Metalink note 861348.1 which highlights the following changes to budgeting and forecasting functionality:

Enhanced Automatic Calculation and Derivation Logic

  • Changes to the predefined logic that control the calculation and derivation of budget and forecast quantities, rates, and amounts.
  • Enhanced handling of the case when only cost or revenue amount is entered.
  • Simplify and rationalize calculation and derivation of quantity, rate, and amount.

Enhanced Handling of Override Rates on Budget and Forecast Lines

  • Ability to enter override rates for a planning transaction on Edit Budget and Edit Forecast pages.
  • Ability to retain the override rates entered on Edit Budget and Edit Forecast pages as long as the planning transaction is retained.
  • Ability to enter override rates for a planning transaction and to have the rates automatically applied to all existing periodic lines and to any new periodic lines that you subsequently add.
  • Maintain override rates at planning transaction level.
  • You can no longer enter average rates manually.

New fields are added for entering and storing the override rates at the planning transaction level:

  • Override Raw Cost Rate
  • Override Burdened Cost Rate
  • Override Bill Rate.

Simplified Addition of Planning Elements and Resources

  • Ability to add either all new tasks and planning resources or new tasks only to the current plan version on the Planning Elements: Select Tasks page.
  • Ability to add all new, but unbudgeted tasks and resources to a budget or forecast version.
  • Simplify planning element creation.
  • A simple solution to automatically add all newly added, but unbudgeted tasks and resources to financial plans with minimal effort.

Planning Elements

  • Select Tasks page now contains a new actions dropdown list.

I am not sure why the functionality was taken away in R12. There must have been a few disappointed and frustrated users out there. I am interested to hear from users where this has been a problem and what people’s opinions are on this removal and replacement of functionality.

29 Sep, 2009 by

E-Business Suite

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