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R12.1.2 – The word on the street… MSP / Oracle Projects Integration

Not much information exists about R12.1.2 for Oracle Projects at the moment. Most people are still digesting or implementing R12.1.1. Apparently there are some more improvements in R12.1.2. A snippet I picked up is:

Apparently the MSP / OP interface is going to get some enhancements. This functionality is very busy on Metalink (MySupport) which illustrates that there have been numerous problems with this. Excessive activity on Metalink is often accompanied by the inevitable requests for enhancements. So the fact that Oracle is going to improve it is good news. It surprises me a bit because, with the arrival of Primavera on the scene, one would expect Oracle to leave the MSP integration as is, and look more to leverage Primavera. MSP / OP integration users should await R12.1.2 with cautious optimism.

22 Oct, 2009 by

E-Business Suite

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