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R12 Data Access in General Ledger

Data Access across multiple legal entities and ledgers

Previously within release 11i of Oracle General Ledger, a user would have to switch responsibilities to access data from a different set of books. The introduction of data access to multiple legal entities and ledgers (formerly set of books) is one of the new features within R12. The days of constantly switching responsibilities in order to access data from different ledgers are now gone. It is now possible to access multiple ledgers from a single responsibility as long as the ledgers share the same chart of accounts and calendar.


It is also possible to perform numerous tasks within a single responsibility across ledgers, e.g. currency translation, open/close periods, post journals and reporting.

Data Access Security

The possibility of accessing data across multiple legal entities and ledgers using a single responsibility requires an element of control to maintain the integrity of the data. R12 of Oracle General Ledger provides the additional flexibility to secure data by legal entity or ledger as well as by balancing segment values or management segment values. Data access sets can be defined within GL allowing an organisation the ability to control what data a user can view, enter or modify.

Data Access Set Definition

This means that GL application responsibilities can be used to create a plethora of possibilities for ledger data access by assigning a data access set to a responsibility using the profile option; GL: Data Access Set.

Profile Option

Balancing segment values can be assigned to legal entities or ledgers and are typically used to qualify an entity/company segment within the chart of accounts. A management segment value is a value that is defined within the segment of the chart of accounts that has been designated as the management segment by virtue of a segment qualifier. This segment of the chart of accounts (any except the natural account segment) can then be used by the GL security model for management reporting and entry of management adjustments.

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