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R12: End dating supplier bank accounts and Open AP invoices

Within R12 you no longer have to individually update all open AP transactions that have a ‘remit-to bank account’, which is the same as the supplier bank account that you intend to end date.

When creating a supplier bank account, Oracle will assign a priority against each account. If you create multiple bank accounts against a supplier, you can increase or decrease the priority of each account to effectively create a priority ranking.  If one of your suppliers notifies you of a change of account, before ending the existing account, you may wish to create the new bank account to ensure effective transition and updates of all existing transactions. Timing will of course dictate the accounts to which funds are remitted to.

As previously stated, you no longer have to update all open AP invoices when end dating a supplier bank account. When you end date an account, the bank account engine will prompt you with a warning message stating that there are x number of Payables documents to which the bank account is attached. If no open transactions exist, no message will be displayed. The message will also request a decision as to whether you would like to replace all invoices with other available bank accounts as per the priority ranking. This could be extremely helpful should you have numerous open invoices against the supplier bank account. Equally, this will mean that you will need to ensure that you give the appropriate priority to the bank accounts intended for replacement and future use.

Below is a step through example of this functionality.

Step 1: Review active bank accounts. You will see that two accounts have been created with different priorities:

Priority 1 = Account XXX5441
Priority 2 = Account XXX5499

Bank Accounts

Step 2: Create an Invoice against the priority 1 bank account (Invoice # = IB-Bank).

Invoice Before

Step 3: End date the priority 1 bank account (XXX5441). This bank account will still be assigned to the invoice created within step 2.

End Date Account

Step 4: Accept the warning message to update the invoice created in step 2 and assign the next prioritised bank account (XXX5499) as the remit-to bank account for this invoice.

Transaction Message

Step 5: Review the invoice created in step 2 to ensure the bank account changes have been made.

Invoice After bank account update

I hope you find this useful, any questions please contact me.

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