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R12 GL: Copy Journals

A new feature within Release 12 of Oracle General Ledger is the ability to copy previously created journals. You can now copy entire journal batches with any status by using the AutoCopy button which is strategically placed on the Journals Workbench, Journal Batches and Journal forms. When copying Journals, you are prompted to create a batch name, select a period and/or the effective date.

Screen shot showing Copy Journals

Clicking OK will then submit a concurrent request called ‘Autocopy Journals’. Once this is complete, you can modify and update the batch, journal and lines in the normal way.

GL Copy Journals Concurrent Request

This is useful functionality and will reduce the amount of effort required to re-create common journals should the recurring journal functionality not be suitable.

I hope you find this useful.

10 May, 2012 by

E-Business Suite

One thought on: “R12 GL: Copy Journals”

  1. Anupam Maheshwari December 3, 2013 6:27 AM

    Thanks..never knew about this feature in R/12!!

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