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Favourites replace Bookmarks in My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink)

Like it or not, as of Aug-2009 Metalink disappears and My Oracle Support becomes the Oracle support portal (users currently have a choice of using “classic” Metalink or the new My Oracle Support interface).

One important thing to bear in mind is the dissapearance of Metalink “Bookmarks” which are being replaced by “Favourites” in My Oracle Support. All bookmarks that existed up to 21-SEP-2008 were migrated to favourites. However, this was a one-time-only conversion; it is my understanding that all bookmarks created since September will be lost come August. The only way to get around this is to recreate the bookmarks as favourites prior to the switch over.

For more info please see Metalink document ID 791343.1.

3 Jul, 2009 by

My Oracle Support

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