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Acquisition International Award Winners

Local IT company awarded UK Innovation Business Leader for 2016

Prōject (EU) Ltd, the Hemel Hempstead based IT company, has been nominated as the Innovation Business Leader for 2016.  Awarded by Acquisition International, this prestigious business excellence award recognises the leading organisation across a variety of industries. 

“This was an incredibly exciting win for us,” Donna Butchart, MD of Project EU Ltd said.  “Within the technology industry it is essential to experience innovation throughout an organisation, exploiting this modern technology allows a company to create efficiencies or generate new value.  Prōject prides itself in fostering a company culture of innovation as we continually seek better, faster, more effective ways of using IT systems to help clients gain a competitive advantage or improve efficiency.  To be accredited as best practise is a big achievement for us.” 

The “Model Office” is Prōject’s latest innovation being developed and the advantages are multiple.  The model office environment enables organisations to set up tailored test environments to overcome conflicting internal issues apparent when installing a new system.  These test environments are crucial for rapid installation and developing prototype solutions that can be demonstrated back to the business and key stakeholders.

One of the over-riding benefits of creating a bespoke Model Office though is that it significantly reduces development timescales; thus minimising cost and impact.  After all the developed packaged software components can be implements back into the production systems; in effect it allows you to try before you buy.

23 Feb 2016 by Sarah Butchart