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BIM will Revolutionise Development Funding

As building information modelling (BIM), extends the time dimension beyond just design, organisations will be able to radically review their approach to funding projects.

With the Government’s mandate for all public sector contracts to be using BIM, it could prove a golden opportunity for many when it comes to releasing cash within a project.

This is one of the topics being covered in the forthcoming BIM webinar, where industry experts are examining the impacts of BIM on organisations and suppliers involved in, and working with, the rail industry. 

Looking at the value of extending the BIM time dimension beyond construction and design sequencing, the session will examine how BIM can eliminate cash being tied up in properties/land acquired too soon, as well as avoiding delayed plans due to; land not purchased in time, enabling environmental, ecology and utilities work not completed in time and key resources unavailable. 

“Organisations haven’t grasped just how much of a financial return using BIM could bring them,” Mike Housby of Critigen said. “We can demonstrate that by effectively using BIM, project plans can be more effective across disciplines by viewing time sequenced scenarios of the activities to be completed before building can commence. This means they will be able to easily visualise conflict and gaps in plans and proactively address these issues.”

The BIM webinar is offered free of charge to anyone within the rail industry; with speakers from Deloitte, Oracle, Autodesk, Critigen and Project EU.

It is being held on Friday 29 April at 10.30-11.30.  To register go to:

11 Apr 2016 by Sarah Butchart