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Businesswoman of the Year Award

Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject (EU) Ltd, has been awarded the Business Consultancy Director of the Year.

The award was made as part of The Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2017 which recognises the exemplary work done by women in business worldwide. Donna impressed the judges with both her technical expertise and her inspirational leadership.

Heather Ryan, Awards Coordinator, said: “With this award, it is our priority to empower women all over the world and help transform corporate and media perceptions of females in the industry.”

“I am incredibly proud to win this award,” Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject (EU) Ltd said. “When I set up Prōject (EU) Ltd over fifteen years ago I never thought that I would be able to achieve so much. We are a niche IT business however we work for some of the UK’s largest rail and construction organisations.

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4 Oct 2017 by Anna Hutton-North

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