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Donna Butchart wins BA CEO of the Year

Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject (EU) Ltd, has been announced  as the Business Analytics CEO for 2018.

The award, as part of the Global CEO Excellence Awards, was made because of the leadership and work Donna has demonstrated both in setting up and running Prōject (EU), the niche Oracle consultancy, and in the business analytics solutions she provides to customers. 

“I am thrilled to have won the Business Analytics CEO award,” Donna Butchart, said.  “Being the CEO of a business analytics company means most of the time is spent identifying, developing and implementing BA solutions for clients; sometimes it is easy to forget that not every company has the same level of dedication.  This award recognises the leading-edge work around Oracle business analytics we provide.”

Donna Butchart, MD

15 Aug 2018 by Anna Hutton-North