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E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Now Available

Announced at Collaborate 09 by Oracle’s President Charles Phillips, Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1 is now available for download.

Release 12.1.1 is a major release with new product functionality, enhancements to existing functionality and fixes for improved stability, security, and performance.  It introduces 21 new products and new technology stack components.

This Release is a cumulative update that includes all updates and fixes that were previously released in 12.0.1, 12.0.2, 12.0.3, 12.0.4, 12.0.5, and 12.0.6.

All E-Business Suite product families and near every product team have released new content in this release. You can find links to Release Content Documents (RCD) with details about new features, updates and fixes in the Metalink Note Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1: Release Content Documents (Metalink Note 561580.1)

Of particular interest to Prōject’s clients are the following new or updated features:

Oracle Project Foundation

  • New Purge Process for Obsolete Project Data
  • iSetup Enhancements
  • Improved Diagnostics

Oracle Project Costing

  • Federal Budgetary Accounting for Project Expenditures
  • Contingency Worker Clearing Projects
  • Additional Project Information in Oracle Time and Labor

Oracle Project Billing

  • Cascading Billing Schedule Overrides
  • Agreement Definition Enhancements
  • Prepayment Receipt Applications
  • Federal Budgetary Accounting for Project Revenue
  • Date Effective Funds Consumption
  • MGT: Invoice Review Performance Improvements
  • MGT: Unbilled Receivables Aging

Oracle Project Management

  • New Audit Process for Project Performance Reporting Setup
  • New Parameters for Refresh Project Performance Data Process
  • Workplan Enhancements
    • Ability to Delete Published Workplan Versions
    • Usability Enhancements
    • New Public API for Creating, Maintaining, and Deleting Programs
  • Budgeting And Forecasting Enhancements
    • Enhanced Automatic Calculation and Derivation Logic
    • Enhanced Handling of Override Rates on Budget / Forecast Lines
    • Simplified Addition of Planning Elements and Resources
  • Self Service Expenditure Inquiry
  • Reporting Pack for Generation and Distribution of XML Publisher Reports
    • Project Change Document Report
    • Project Committed Cost Report
    • Project Cost Detail Report
    • Project Cost Labor Report
    • Project Cost Summary Report
    • Project Earned Value Report
    • Project Financial Summary Report
    • Project Forecast Summary Report
    • Project Revenue At Risk Report
  • Budget Integration with Federal Budget Execution and/or 3rd Party Budget
  • Microsoft Project 2007 Certification
  • Project Performance Reporting: Additional Measures
  • Project Performance Reporting: Inter-Project Revenue / Billing Amounts
  • Supplier Cost Dashboard
  • Subcontractor Payment Controls
    • Support for Pay when Paid Scenarios
  • Payment Controls for Subcontract Deliverables

Oracle Project Resource Management

  • Resource Search by Email Address
  • Resource Search by Person Type
  • Streamlined Navigation on Staffing Home
  • Cross Validation of Project and Assignment Dates
  • Defaulting of Work Patterns’ From and To Dates
  • Improved Exception Handling of Maintain Project Resources Process
  • New Public APIs for Resource Management
  • Organisation Authority: Obsolete Forecast Authority

Oracle Grants Accounting

  • Award Budgeting Enhancements
    • Budget period validations
    • Automatic summarisation of project budgets
    • Budget Line Sorting Option
  • Award Status Inquiry Enhancements
    • View by budget period
    • GL and PA Date Parameters on Find Expenditure Items window
    • GL Date Parameters on Find Commitments window

8 May 2009 by Barry Goodsell