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How CFOs can lead Productivty

The gap between leading organizations and others is continuing to grow, because of the investment in better management, better technology and better talent.  This means the CFO is ideally placed to lead the company’s growth programme.

One key part is harnessing the new technologies to give a competitive advantage.  Intelligent Finance:  How CFOs Can Lead the  Coming Productivity Boom, an Oracle report, looks at the linkages between the implementation of cloud services and improved results at both the finance functional level and the company level.

The results show how adopting cloud services has both short and medium term benefits around a reduction of IT capital expenditures; easy scalability; a shift of IT personnel from routine maintenance to critical projects; and improved security.

For the CFO the benefit of cloud allows an agile organization to be formed, helping to create resilience and increase competitive advantage for the business as well as improve productivity within the finance team. 

The report provides industry insight into the healthcare, education, energy, transport and financial services industries; giving examples of benefits achieved including productivity  savings of circa £1m in wages.

Download the report here:

20 Mar 2019 by Anna Hutton-North