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How to avoid analysis paralysis

Business analytics has a far wider reach than just the IT team; for anyone within the rail industry using the IT systems already within your organisation more effectively could be the difference between intelligent business decision making and straws in the wind. Business analytics is used by rail organizations to obtain an insight and understanding that helps with the corporate decision-making process. 

The benefit of a sophisticated business analytics application is that it can be automated and optimized to explore company data held within an application, such as Oracle, to identify new patterns and relationships, explaining why specific results occur, experimenting to test previous decisions and forecasting future results.  Whether it is to model passenger movements, test financial scenarios around new pricing or predict health and safety situations.

Our latest article appears in the September issue of Rail Professional, showcasing how one major rail organisation used business analytics to effectively deliver their corporate objectives and demonstrate their commitment to safety.

27 Sep 2016 by Anna Hutton-North

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