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New Office – St Albans

As part of its growth plan, Prōject (EU), the IT consultancy providing business analytics and reporting to major UK organisations, are opening a new office in St Albans on 1st August 2022.

The office will house the administration team responsible for the team’s back-office divisions.  The dedicated space will provide specialist space for the HR, Finance and project management functions, allowing them to focus on providing high quality client service.

“We are delighted to have a dedicated admin space,” Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject (EU) said.  “As we come out of the pandemic it is important that our staff have a high quality working environment that conforms to the latest requirements.”

The office is situated near to the city centre, and the new location provides an additional central site that is easily accessible for clients. Its proximity to Hatfield facilitates the ongoing carbon reporting research project we are undertaking with University of Hertfordshire.  The project is looking at the environmental impact of new developments within St Albans, and involves close collaboration with St Albans Council: 

28 Jul 2022 by Anna Hutton-North