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Prōject Grand Prix at the UKOUG conference 2012

Prōject Grand Prix

  • The inaugural Prōject Grand Prix was devised to demonstrate Oracle products in a fun and immersive way at the 2012 UKOUG conference
  • An OpenWheeler racing simulator was set up with Gran Turismo 5; contestants were invited to set a best lap time on a test track devised by Prōject staff

The technology

  • An Oracle APEX application was used to capture race data on an Apple iPad
  • The race data was stored in an Oracle 11g database, modelled in Oracle Business Intelligence 11g and displayed to participants on a real time dashboard

Race statistics

  • 49 people participated over the three days, notching up 79 races (excluding Prōject staff!) 
  • The winner of the top prize (a Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim bundle) was Stuart Bartram from TNT, setting a blistering best lap time of 80.08 seconds  

On average…

  • The fastest laps were set by Mazda owners, followed by Smart car owners.
  • The slowest laps were set by Aston Martin owners!
  • Ambidextrous drivers were the fastest, followed by southpaws
  • Men were faster than women (although probably much more reckless too)
  • Those working in the Retail/Wholesale/Distribution industry set the fastest lap times, followed by the Public Sector
  • Those working in the Retail/Wholesale/Distribution also had the lowest standard deviation of lap times, followed by the Aerospace and Defence industry
  • Younger drivers fared better, the fastest age bracket being 18-25 year olds. Second fastest were the 46-55 year olds
  • Those who had 3-4 drinks the night before racing produced the best lap times, followed by those who had 5-10 drinks

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about the technology behind the Prōject Grand Prix, such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Database or Oracle APEX.

Screen shots from the Prōject Grand Prix BI dashboard are below:




4 Dec 2012 by Ellen Draper