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Understanding the impacts of BIM for transport and construction organisations

As the Government mandates the use of Building Information Modelling for public sector, the industry faces the challenge of integrating BIM into existing IT systems to extract any value.


As organisations grapple with the need to comply with Building Information Modelling, or BIM as it is widely known, the challenge around integrating BIM with existing IT systems is significant.  For any organisation which wants to benefit from the time and resources it is investing within BIM, understanding how BIM can generate real business value can seem daunting.

There are some real advantages that BIM can provide to an organisation, from linking design stages to project planning and from asset management through to cultural business change management in the approach to the way of working.

To help transport and construction organisations understand what the real benefits of BIM can deliver, as well as having an appreciation of the challenges to be expected, Prōject EU Ltd are hosting a free webinar.

 The webinar is designed to help construction professionals understand the impact of BIM and how it can be used to create real value for the organisation.  With industry experts and BIM specialists the webinar covers topics including the value of BIM even before design starts; how businesses are successfully using BIM currently with their existing IT systems; and the benefits of business change through BIM and the opportunities BIM provides once an asset is built.

Donna Butchart, MD of Prōject, the niche IT consultancy says “The scale of BIM is still unknown by a number of people, this new technology has a reputation for causing frustration – difficult to relate to in the context of your own business and scary to implement.  By hosting this webinar our presenters want to resolve any questioning doubt people may have about this new program and convey the simplicity of introducing it into individual organisations.”

The webinar will be held on Friday 29th April at 10.30-11.30.  To book your free place go to:

16 Mar 2016 by Sarah Butchart