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YTD Measures “backported” from R12 to R11.5.10.2

Oracle released a patch (7388541) recently that “backported” YTD measures (in performance reporting) back from R12 to R11.5.10.2. In fact the patch does not backport functionality from R12. What it does is put in new measures in the project list only. Slightly irritating are the following facts:

  • The patch does not backport the YTD measures that exist under the reporting tab
  • The new measures that the patch introduces in R11.5.10.2, under the project list, do not currently exist under the project list in R12. As far as I can understand this is an ‘oversight’ by Oracle in R12, and will be resolved soon.

Anyway, all that aside, below is a link to a PDF file with 5 sections that compares what is available in R11.5.10.2 without the patch, with the patch, and in R12 (as at time of writing).

Performance Reporting Measures comparison

Sections are:

  • Project List Table
  • PJI – Task Summary
  • PJI – Resource Summary
  • PJI Calculated Measures
  • PJI Stored Measures

Anecdotally I have heard of other problems with this patch. I am interested to hear about anybody’s experiences with this patch.

2 Feb, 2010 by

Performance Monitoring

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