Comprehensive Oracle E-Business Suite and OBIA solution

Prōpel provides you with an affordable, industry-specific Oracle E-Business Suite and OBIA solution, implemented rapidly using Oracle Business Accelerator tools, and expertly delivered by our Oracle Certified Implementation Specialists and fully accredited by Oracle as the specialised partner of choice.

Designed for travel and transportation

Prōpel is configured to meet the needs of consulting and management services companies, with a focus on industry-specific challenges:

  • winning the right business at the right price;
  • maximising the strategic value of travel and transportation;
  • standardising and improving project delivery;
  • maintaining compliance with contract entitlements and SLAs, improving engagement cash flow and profitability;
  • developing and retaining qualified personnel.

If you plan to grow your organisation, your software applications must be scalable, and if your resources are limited, minimised initial implementation outlay is essential, spreading your investment over time.

Prōpel for travel and transportation typically includes (but is not limited to) the following applications:

Rapid implementation

Oracle Business Accelerators – realise business value in weeks, not months.

Oracle Accelerate solutions are rapid deployment tools that our Oracle specialised, vastly experienced implementation teams use to enable our customers to realise the benefits of their Oracle E-Business Suite and OBIA in weeks rather than months.

Oracle Business Accelerators bring proven, best-in-class business flows to reduce the time and costs of implementing enterprise-wide solutions, discovery, setup and testing.

The result is predictable, fast delivery of proven solutions while minimising the risks normally associated with new technology adoption.

Oracle Accelerate solutions enable you to go live with Conference Room Pilot in a matter of days, using your new software with a subset of your own data. Through this service you will be able to identify the industry-leading practices embedded in the software and how they will work for your business.

This allows you to quickly focus on the 10-15% of processes that need to be configured uniquely for your needs; your competitive differentiators.

The Oracle Accelerate difference

Enterprise class applications:

  • Flexible, configurable, scalable
  • Deep industry capabilities
  • Foundation for innovation and growth

Implementation simplicity:

  • Targeted, fast, efficient
  • Industry leading business processes
  • Rapid ROI via flexible deployment options

Prōject is an Oracle Certified Implementation Specialist partner:

  • Experience, focused, connected
  • Tailored solutions for companies
  • Trusted by thousands of customers globally
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