Prōpel is a cloud-based, Oracle software delivery model for the travel and transportation industry that delivers top tier enterprise resource planning (ERP) for an affordable monthly fixed cost.

Built around Oracle’s E-Business Suite and Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), and incorporating all the advantages of Oracle’s Accelerate initiative, Prōpel gives you the power of a top tier, enterprise-class solution with flexible, manageable pricing. So, if you are a growing company Prōpel enables you to scale up the power of your ERP without limits, and without the need for capital investment.

If you want to outsource all or part of your infrastructure, we’ll handle that for you as well, within the fixed cost service agreement. To guide you through this important stage in your company’s development, our specialist consulting team includes solution architects, Oracle Certified Implementation Specialists and qualified accountants, dedicated to our customers in the travel and transportation industry.

You’ll never have to worry about managing and updating your ERP systems again, your data will be secure, and the compelling financial case renders purchasing your hardware, middleware and software outdated and impractical.

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