Prōject  provide integrated business analytical consultancy and software development to major organisations.  We work with private and public sector clients from feasibility and proof of concept through to implementation, usage and changing business requirements.  Our solutions bring together disparate software to allow the data to seamlessly integrate.

 Integrating business analytics across a wide range of information systems from DRP through to CRM, large-scale systems through to bespoke satellite software, ensures users are making decisions based on the same information.  Thus, helping to mitigate business risks and conflicts, driving better outcomes and ensuring optimum performance.

We have experience across a number of sectors including transport, construction, telecommunications, education, national and local government.

Our consultants are career specialists who understand your sector and your issues. We’ll interrogate and challenge your brief (we might even write it for you if you simply come to us with a business challenge); we’ll arrange test drives; we’ll test solutions for you; we’ll negotiate the best deals; we’ll train your teams on-site or in our own facility; we’ll help you plan for the future. In the end, your critical decisions are made simpler.