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Managed Services and Support

Managed Services and Support

Prōject offers a wide variety of managed services, including:


Prōject provide secure, service provision at competitive prices. We offer cost-effective packages by deploying shared, common hardware.


The availability of expert support and maintenance when you need it, helps optimise the running of your system and technology environment, while minimising the risk of failure.

Prōject offers expert assistance when you need it – giving independent advice when your inhouse team are unavailable or already engaged on other assignments.

We understand that there are sometimes urgent requirements that sit outside contractual agreements, and that’s where Prōject can help.

Where vendor support falls short, we step in to cover reviews and give general guidance on design and development best practice.

Support packages

Prōject’s online Virtual Support provides you with direct, flexible access to a specialist resource. This service puts you in direct contact with expert ‘virtual team members’. In mission critical environments this offers peace of mind and mitigates risk. The service covers everything from everyday questions, to more involved tasks such as design and architecture reviews.

Prōject’s Support On Demand provides on-site support at peak times during a project or for absentee cover. We also offer knowledge transfer and mentoring services to help improve your in-house teams’ skills.

The following services are available:

  • Technical issue resolution
  • General guidance on development best practices
  • System Health Checks
  • Design/development reviews and recommendations
  • Release Quality Assurance
  • Project and implementation planning
  • Creating and managing service requests with third party support desks e.g. Oracle