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Oracle Business Intelligence real-time data warehouse solution

Prōject was entrusted with providing technical resources for an initiative aimed at assisting a major Oracle user located overseas. The core objective of this undertaking was to develop an Oracle Business Intelligence solution intended to supplant the customer’s existing Oracle BI Applications setup.

The necessity for a new system arose from two primary factors:

  1. The existing system lacked real-time capabilities, and the client sought more current data than what BI Applications could provide.
  2. Over time, the model had gradually transformed from its initial state in vanilla BI Applications into a convoluted and challenging-to-sustain configuration.

The devised solution took a two-pronged approach:

Firstly, to facilitate near real-time analytics, new subject areas were established. These areas drew data from an Oracle Golden Gate-maintained replica of the production E-Business Suite.

Secondly, to enhance performance and accommodate intricate business logic, a dedicated data warehouse was designed. This warehouse was meticulously managed by ODI through overnight loading processes.

When Prōject was engaged, the project’s prerequisites demanded a blend of functional expertise in E-Business Suite and a profound understanding of Business Intelligence practices. What set Prōject apart was its ability to provide a resource that impeccably met these criteria, while also offering the invaluable advantage of long-term DBA skills and exceptional team leadership qualities.

In addition to our primary tasks of conceptualizing and executing the data model in the RPD and constructing the final reports for client delivery, we undertook the responsibility of resolving an array of challenges. These encompassed rectifying underperforming reports, reconciling disparate data, and optimizing lengthy ODI loading processes. To surmount these hurdles, Prōject harnessed a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from deep E-Business Suite knowledge to designing a solution that maintained dual sets of data for patching, effectively mitigating instances of double counting. This comprehensive approach extended to tuning ODI routines, diagnosing issues using explain plans, and constructing aggregate tables populated by ODI routines, all of which successfully addressed performance bottlenecks within the dashboards.

Moreover, beyond our technical prowess, Prōject contributed a resource that led development streams. This individual assumed a pivotal role in ensuring timely deliverables and acted as a conduit for reporting progress to both project managers and the ultimate customer.

Impressively, all these endeavours were accomplished remotely, negating the need for costly travel. This feat traversed multiple time zones due to the diverse geographic locations of the project team and the end customer. The innate flexibility of Prōject’s resources facilitated seamless collaboration, enabling the successful completion of these tasks without any hindrances.

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