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How IoT Analytics will change business

The opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT) is huge; they are set to revolutionise the way we work. 

 Although IoT is still in its infancy, the forecast is that within 5 years over 200 billion objects will be inter-connected and that the value of the market will rocket to $8 trillion.  While the pace of change and the scale of transformation is unquestionable,  the real question is :‘How will organisations capitalise the value of the IoT data collected through their products and assets?’. 

 Companies will be faced with new radical data and insights, not readily accessible before.  For some it could mean a total re-think of their business model.  Most organisations are hesitant about committing themselves to an IoT analytics strategy, but those that have been bold enough are starting to see real benefits.

Prōject have been working with clients to help them understand the real opportunities IoT analytics offers to their business; we have summarised this into our “How the IoT will transform your business” guide.   Providing an overview of the cultural and pan-organisation opportunities that IoT analytics offers to the organisation, together with case studies  of where IoT analytics is being successfully utilised.

Download your copy of: IoT_Analytics

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